Key Facts

1968 Maharishi said in Ebony Magazine

“… I’m shouting all over the world and I’m raising the voice in the air… I’m taking them as they come. Negroes have not responded to my call and I’d very much like to hold a course for Negroes themselves—25, 50, 100 Negroes.


“…In three months, I have to bring them up on this technique of deep experience and understanding. By the time they teach their people, they will become soft and that’s it. And then there will be a time when black will be learning from white and white from black. When the heart is expanded, the mixing will be automatic; tolerance will be infinite; love will be great.”

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Responding to Maharishi’s call, Transcendental Meditation Center, Inc. was organized.



Responding again, TMC, Inc. organized for Maharishi a Teacher Training Course (TTC) that was held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. It was there that about 100 African-Americans, including some Ethiopian meditators, attended the course. 

Through expansion in cities across the country, TMC evolved into a West and East component. In Detroit, TMC became known as TMC-East overseeing activities generally east of the Mississippi River.



Another inspiring article was published in the July issue of Ebony Magazine. This time it featured TMC-East and the growth of Transcendental Meditation in Detroit.

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Then to Now – 

Transcendental Meditation Center to  The Meditation Center @ THEARC and more 

Although TMC, Inc. is no longer an official organization, its mission to do outreach that takes the technique for inner peace and enlightenment to underserved communities continues through those teaching through Maharishi Foundation and its various affiliated organizations. We are pleased that teachers from the original TMC either lead or are working with significant programs, i.e., TMC@THEARC, the Quiet Time Program, the African PTSD Relief Program, and the much lauded Breathe Again with TM Initiative. Much of this is due to the support of the Maharishi Foundation USA and the David Lynch Foundation℠.


We celebrate knowing that Maharishi's desire continues to unfold. The hearts of TM teachers and meditators continue to expand, as does the teaching everywhere to everyone. 

About the Transcendental Meditation Technique

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, scientifically proven technique that can be easily learned by anyone from the age of 10 and up. The technique is taught in personal instruction by a certified, specially-trained teacher and is practiced 10 to 20 minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably in a chair with the eyes closed. The TM technique does not involve any religion, philosophy, or change in lifestyle.

About Us

We were all teachers with the original TMC, Inc. who have informally come together to present this 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Transcendental Meditation Center, Inc. We have a deep appreciation for the unique TMC, Inc. experience. We are fortunate that the TM technique was introduced into our lives with the distinct experience of being a part of TMC, Inc. That experience holds a special place in our lives. We are pleased to pay tribute and honor the legacy of TMC.


Many of us still teach as Certified Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Program. We teach through the Maharishi Foundation, the David Lynch Foundation and/or TM for Women. 


TMC Legacy Committee

Audrey Al-Hamd, Paulette Bell, Lincoln Butts, Mpingo Marilyn Griffin,  Stanley G. Lewis, Candace Martin, Sibongile West


Special Thanks

Our hosts: TM Santa Monica and The Meditation Center @ THEARC 


Enjoy TM News, Harbour Fraser Hoddard, Editor


Dr. Sananda Ananda-Maynard, Rena Boone, Dr. Kibre Dawitt, Bill Duke, Michael Ellington, Dr. John Hagelin, Denise Harrington, Stanley G. Lewis, Artie Oliver, Dr. Dennis Rowe, Dr. George Rutherford II, Keith Wegman


Thank you to our guest musical artists: Sheree Brown and Patrice Rushen


A very special thanks to two of the original TMC, Inc. teachers for the initial concept of the webcast event:

Paulette Bell and Je-Ru Hall